The Founders

The Ballet Bod is founded by Winnie and Jenny who are friends, colleagues and most importantly, believers. 

We were brought together because of our passion for fitness and elegance. We believe that by inspiring women through fitness, we can redefine the women's physique around the world. 

Women deserve to be seen for their true worth. For this to happen, we have to shape up our bodies, class up our style and exude an unbreakable confidence that is adorned with grace.

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Passion in movement has led Jenny to attain certifications in Pilates, AIR Aerial Yoga, Barre, and her B.S. - all of which supplement her extensive ballet school training and performing career. 

With a dream to create a global community that is fit, healthy and happy, she envisions a world in which people are supportive and uplifting to one another. By co-founding The Ballet Bod with Winnie, she believes that a top-quality, multiple-methodology program can transform that dream into a reality. 

Ultimately for her, the best fitness program is not merely about health and fitness but one that revives society and revolutionizes culture. 



Inspiration is what drives her and as a co-founder she believes that dreamers who take a risk can make a change in the world.

Starting dance at the age of 3, Winnie was also trained by Olympians as a Rhythmic Gymnast. At 14, she received her A.R.A.D. (Dist.) and by 17, she was a professionally trained ballerina in the USA. With injuries starting prior to professional school, it taught her an important lesson in life - that there are many teachers that claim to be great, only a handful ever are.

With an M.B.A., a background in finance & investments, and Jenny's vast fitness & dance experience by her side, she is determined to invest in the future of women and the next generation.  

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