TBB Program Equipment

To get the most benefit and muscle tonage from The Ballet Bod Program, we strongly recommend that you buy and use the equipment listed below.

For each equipment listed, you will find information and links to a global distribution website where you can it purchase from. 


Recommended Equipment 

  1. Ankle Weights | 2 X 2.5lb (1.13kg) 
  2. Wrist Weights | 2X 1lb (0.45kg)  
  3. Fitness/Yoga Mat - for those who have joint issues, we suggest buying a thicker mat, 0.8mm or thicker, to help absorb impact
  4. Yoga Block 
  5. Theraband | Stretch Band - approximately 1.5m | 5ft of the strongest resistance (approx. 0.6mm thick)  

All of the above is available via Ebay or Amazon | For TBB Australia: Click for Wrist and Ankle weights

For The Men

For our men or If you prefer to build more muscle, rather than just toning the body, you can opt for the heavier weights:

  1. Ankle Weights | 2 X 5lb (2.27kg) 
  2. Wrist Weights | 2 X 2.5lb (1.13kg)

Also available via Ebay or Amazon 

Need more help?

Head to the "Contact" page or email us at admin@theballetbod.com and we will help you find the equipment and answer any questions you have! xoxo Winnie & Jenny

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