Group Class vs. Working Out at Home

Making the choice to workout is easy, it gets tricky when it comes down to actually doing it! Where are you going to exercise? When? What kind of workout? It’s easy to join a gym and tell yourself you’ll sign up for classes but will you really do it? Or would a monthly subscription for online classes be a better fit? With so many options we get overwhelmed and have a hard time deciding. We are here to help you follow through to achieve your fitness goals! Exercising in an atmosphere that fits your needs and budget is most important. As most of you know, we have two options for our clients. The Ballet Bod App is designed for those who have limited time and budget as it is only a one time charge unlike the monthly subscriptions. The workouts are quick, 27 minutes, but incredibly efficient by combining high intensity interval training with balletic movement and pilates. With 12 weeks worth of workouts designed by professionally trained ballerinas that you can follow and repeat as often as you’d like, you are guaranteed to see your body transform. Our other option is group classes. We currently have group classes in session in France, Australia and in home sessions taught in Los Angeles. This is a wonderful option if you get distracted at home or have difficulty self motivating. We know how easy it is to come up with all kinds of excuses to avoid exercising! We would love to know where you most enjoy working out. Please comment and let us know about your fitness journey! If you are interested in The Ballet Bod app download or in your app store. xo, Jenny

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